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University Communication Coordinator Position

This position will help lead and oversee the creation of a weekly email newsletter, covering a variety of topics from announcements, community news, ministry and volunteer spotlight, and church and denomination updates. The weekly e-newsletter should assist members with their own personal church journeys, making them aware of resources, volunteer opportunities, and events.

Other tasks include:

  • Create copy for printed materials such as visitor packets, new members, outreach, and ministry information.
  • Develop a vision and strategy to broaden the church’s outreach with regard to people of all ages, geographies, races, and life stages.
  • Build a healthy team by recruiting volunteers
  • Report directly to Pastor and coordinate with Creative Church Marketing to sync up the website and social media with internally created content.



  1. Must be proficient in or willing to learn Mailchimp and Faithlife
  2. Must have high-level language and typing skills to write and edit compelling copy for the newsletter.
  3. Must possess the empathy and flexibility necessary to write for multiple audiences, including first-time visitors, new volunteers, new members, etc.
    Must be able to work for approximately 5 hours per week and diligently communicate via email with Pastor and other church leaders


Support the campus pastor by communicating and coordinating with all campus leaders and volunteers to ensure alignment of vision. Provide day-to-day operational management of the Facebook campus, including appointing new administrators and moderators. Identify, recruit, and train new volunteer leaders as needed. Prepare performance reports as needed for the campus pastor and/or senior/lead pastor. Support the campus pastor and Community Engagement Volunteers by managing communications within the group. Monitor the group for any issues that leadership may need to address. Facilitate member engagement by serving as the first point of contact: welcoming them to the group, responding to posts, and flagging posts where additional follow-up from leadership is needed.


Responding to posts Participating in conversations flagging posts where additional follow-up from leadership is needed. Monitor the group for any issues that leadership may need to address


Thank you for serving!

Each week at University AME Zion, people just like you offer their time and talents to help make our worship experiences a success. Whether by helping kids learn about Jesus in our children’s ministry, welcoming first-time guests, or pitching in behind-the-scenes with the Production team, every member of our volunteer team helps make a difference! No matter your gifts, your experiences, or your availability, there are plenty of opportunities to serve here at University AME Zion.

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